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Thrive! Falling in Love with Life, by Shahana Dattagupta
Paperback, 190 pages, November 1, 2011

ThriveAt thirty, Shahana found the little girl she once was - brimming with love, creativity and a desire to touch the world in meaningful ways - nearly obliterated. Suddenly, she was a performer, achiever, architect, wife, emigrated Indian-American, corporate employee, home-owner...and other such good-good things that earned her checked boxes and plaques and approving nods. Before she knew it, she was co-dependent in a violent marriage, the scars on her soul far deeper than those on her body, unable to love anymore, but mostly hating only herself. Later that year, she walked towards the terrifying flame of light that beckoned to her, leaving behind the house of cards she had so carefully fabricated.

In Thrive! Falling in Love with Life, Shahana tells you what happened in the seven years thereafter, and all the amazing insights that came to light. She describes how she nearly died from the suffering that followed...but how one day, a miraculous vision compelled her to choose life. She shares how she found her center of gravity, her Higher Power; how becoming conscious to the present completely transformed her past and future; how compassion opened the doors to authentic power; how she recognized her choice in everything that happened and everything yet to be; and how her separate physical existence dissolved to connect her with everything and everybody around. And she reveals how, through all these insights, she unlocked the mysterious powers of her creativity - the ability to create her own life at every turn!

Thrive! is about all these things...yet most of all, it is about love: that pure, essential, divine life-force. Shahana shares how her commitment to unconditional love opened her to love for the divine, for other beings, for all human creative potential...for life itself. Today she works as a design strategist, storyteller, performing artist, community advocate and creativity coach, but this time around she knows that all she really does, is love. Because she loves, she creates, and because she creates, she acts as a creativity catalyst in the lives of others.

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Watch a video of Shahana on Thrive!, including a peek inside the book!

Reader testimonials:

“This is a groundbreaking piece of writing because of the endearing and personal storytelling format with which it retells profound truths in a modern language that has deep resonance to life as we (or at least I) know today, in the 21st century. I hope others who read it will also find it endearing to know that they have company on the path of loving and living life.” - A.V., Seattle, USA

“I have read Thrive! and was blown away by the honesty with which Shahana has faced her own life and the truths that were revealed to her as a result of living life so authentically. It is full of ‘very accessible’ wisdom. I resonated with the work and it left me inspired and in awe of her and the entire Creation. I have this strong urge to connect her and her work with my friends.” - D.T., Jersey City, USA

"I'm reading Thrive! Each chapter is like a meditation. Reading about 'choosing what I have' has brought me a lot of peace. This book will stay on my nightstand for a long time!" - A.S., Seattle, USA

“I just finished reading Thrive! I thought it was a gift to be reading this book during this time of the year. It provided me with the much needed positive energy, plenty of insights (however much I got from a first reading) and of course some laughs to start 2012.” - D.J.H, Hong Kong, China

“Just finished Thrive! Once I picked it up, I was not able to put it down. It’s the book of rebirth, not only for you but for its readers as well. Journey is the destination, I need to write something…Feeling greatly inspired and motivated. Will try sleeping now, not sure if the sleep will come at my door as I am feeling awake after a long time. Thanks for writing such a wonderful book and sharing… My best wishes from the deepest core of my heart for you and your creativity… Hats off…” - A.S., Seattle, USA

“I’ve started reading Thrive! … and I have started crying too…” - S.D., Hyderabad, India

Reading Thrive! … it’s totally amazing and surreal! Just loved the part where you discover a new “face” of the moon…” - R.V., Edison, USA

It’s funny how, although our life events have been very different, our journey (and consequently the lessons learned) are very much the same…Thank you for putting all this into words…so I may refresh my memory on lessons learned.” - S.J., Seattle, USA

“I have been reading Thrive! non-stop … I have so many questions…”A.S., London, UK

I am reading your book again, starting over from the beginning to feel the flow. Your journey is very resonant with lessons I have learned – life, spiriual practice, and the humanistic psychology orientation I engaged for my MA in psychology, as well as several years doing “co-counseling” in the context of the Re-evaluation Counseling that was developed here in Seattle.” – E.E., Seattle, USA

“Usually when I read the last word of a book I close it and the thought that goes through my head is… “I finished it!” But with Thrive I didn’t feel that. I had a feeling of continuity. I want to go back to it again and again. This is a book that you get it or you don’t. It happens intuitively and the reward is beyond anything that I can put in words. I know that I have already applied consciously and subconsciously the 7 C-gems.” - A. G., Upstate New York, USA

“Thrive! is so deep – it is the shortest book I have read for the longest time. And that is a compliment.” – G.P., Seattle, USA.