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You Are Michelangelo...And You Are David!, by Shahana Dattagupta
Paperback, 208 pages, March 27, 2013

You Are Michelangelo...And You Are DavidSpringing from the premise that creativity is our true nature and communion with Spirit, YOU ARE MICHELANGELO…AND YOU ARE DAVID! presents concrete ideas and actions for the intentioned and disciplined practice of creativity, with implications for creating both oneself and physical works of meaning and value for this world.

In this book, Shahana Dattagupta explores human creativity not merely as a nice-to-have workplace skill or the exclusive forte of inventors and artists, but as the very soul-purpose for each and every one of us, as our responsibility towards expressing full human potential, and as the way to transcend fearful survival to create a loving, thriving existence for oneself, for all humanity, and for the planet.

Discover how your creative projects and initiatives in the world are really playgrounds and construction sites for the creation of you! Explore how you unconsciously create yourself and your life merely by the stories you tell, and how you can completely transform yourself and your life by shifting from fear-driven re-action to Love-inspired action. And learn how to practice your creativity by calling into action and integration its Yin and Yang principles.

Click here to listen to an interview with Shahana on the book, featured on GOOD BOOKS RADIO, by Dr. John Cook! 


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Creative Contributors say:

Excited. Excited. Excited. It is so beautiful to see all of the Creative Collective folks mentioned in one book! Thank you, Shahana and Shirin for allowing me to be a part of the book - in writing. I loved the way you have represented my part.” - Dharini Vivek

This is amazing, Shahana! I am so in wow of this. And it's so cool to see all these other creative projects pop up…I can't wait to read the final book. - Sheeba Marie Jacob 

Love it. Thanks. I wrote my possibility letter about health among other things and look, that is the success example that made it into the book. I am excited for other people to read this example and think 'oh this is possible'. - Sudha Nandagopal

Love it! Such a joy to see and read it! Especially love the sketches interspersed with the text. Glad to see the Louis Kahn quote make it into the book. A big congratulations! - Arathi Srikantaiah

Congratulations again Shahana and Shirin! Thank you for all you do. Your presence in my world is truly a Blessing. Seeing 'Hidden in the stone' in the manuscript provided the impetus to continue working on translating more of my poems. - Pallavi Garg